Rental Registration Program

On June 9, 2015 the City of Rossford adopted a Rental Dwelling Registration program requiring property owners who rent property to have their units registered with the city. Click here to view Ordinance 2015-14. Click here to view Rossford Municipal Code Chapter 726, Rental Property Registrations.


The rental registration program provides a way to identify and quantify rental units within the city to help ensure that rental property is properly maintained.  The program requires annual exterior inspections and biennial (every two year) interior inspections.


Important Dates

Initial exterior inspection reports are due by September 30, 2015.

Initial interior inspections are due from July 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016.

Type Initial Future
Exterior 7/1/15 to 9/30/15 4/1 to 7/31 each year
Interior 7/1/15 to 5/31/15 6/1 to 5/31 every other year (biennial)


Required to Register and Inspect

Any property owner that rents their property as living quarters is required to register, including property occupied by the owner with rooms rented to unrelated boarders. Every landlord shall register in the “Residential Rental Registration On-Line System” provided by the city. An account can be created by clicking on the link to the right. The following types of rented units must be registered and inspected:

    • • Single family dwellings
    • • Two family dwellings
    • • Multi-family dwellings


Not Required to Inspect 

The following types of units are exempt from inspection:

  • • Group homes, nursing homes, dormitories
  • • Single family dwellings that are occupied by the owners family
  • • Two family dwellings if owner occupies one of the dwellings (registration required)
  • • Hotels / motels with daily rental units
  • • Dwellings subject to inspections by another governmental agency.
  • • Bed and breakfast inns

To claim an exemption, create an account and register your property. You will be able to select your reason for exemption at that point.


Agent Required 

If the property or manager does not live within 35 miles of the City of Rossford the rental property shall have an authorized agent to serve as contact who will be available twenty-four–hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.  The property owner will submit a “Designation of Agent Application” provided in the on-line application.


Initial Registration Period 

Initial registration period begins on July1, 2015 and ends November 1, 2015.  Failure to register a rental dwelling that is in existence on July 1, 2015 and after November 1, 2015 will result in an application fee that is doubled.


Registration Fees

There is a “one time” registration fee. 

Single family dwellings

$50.00 each

Two family dwellings

$35.00 per rental unit

Multiple single and two family dwellings

$100.00 for the first 3 dwellings and $10.00 for every dwelling in excess of the first three

Multi-family dwelling

$100.00 for the first 3 dwellings and $10.00 for every unit over the first three



New Registration, Re-registration and/or Change of Ownership of Rental Dwelling

All new rental dwellings must register.  A change of ownership of an existing rental dwelling is required to be renewed by the new owner of the dwelling within thirty (30) days of the change.  A registration that  has been voided or revoked must file a new application for Rental Registration.



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