Public Works

Superintendent: Tyler Kolbtyler kolb - Copy
419-666-0210, ext. 218

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Brush & Branch Collection:

  • Last full week of April
  • Last full week of September
Each year the City of Rossford designates one specific week during the Spring and one specific week during the Fall to pick up brush and branch debris. That week is always scheduled for the last full week in April and the last full week in September and pick-up is determined by street location. The schedule by street is as follows:

Monday: Santus, Elm, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Beech, Bacon, Bergin, Osborn, Riverview, Hillsdale, Hannum, Hoffman Road from Bacon to Hannum; Glenwood Road from Santus to Superior Street; Superior Street from Elm to Bacon; and Dixie Highway from Elm to Eagle Point Road.

Tuesday: Windsor, Rinker Court, Jennings, Hoffman Road from Hannum to Jennings; Helen, Eleanor, Lorraine, Vernis, Hawthorne, Hillcrest, Hillview and Hillside; Eagle Point Road from Dixie Highway to Colony Road; and Riverside Drive from Jennings Road West to dead end.

Wednesday: Central Avenue, Cherry Lane, Birch Drive, Hidden Cove, Highland Drive, Homestead and Harbor Point; Eagle Point Road from Colony Road to Harbor Point; and all of Eagle Point Colony, Colony Road and Colony Court.

Thursday: Rossway, Vineyard, Groce, Rossburn, Roland, West Elm Tree, Lewis, Rosedale, Island View, River Lane, Creekbend Court, Maybar and Marilyn; Valley Drive, Dixie Highway from Eagle Point Road to city limits west; Lime City from Dixie Highway to Schreier Road; and Schreier Road from Dixie Highway to Glenwood Road.

Friday: Glenwood Road from Indian Ridge Trail to Buck Road; Lime City from Schreier Road to Buck Road; Grassy Creek subdivision; Ironwood subdivision; Schreier Road from Bruns Drive to Graceway; Indian Ridge Trail, Indian Valley Court, Sioux Trail, East Elm Tree, Bruns Drive, Carol Circle, Graceway, Jennison Drive, Orchard Drive, Woodland, Wales Road, and residences south of Buck Road.

Brush must be placed at the curb (not in the alleys) by 7 a.m. on the day of the week indicated for pick up on the above schedule. Residents who need temporary “no parking” signs can call the Public Works department at 419-666-0210, extension 218.

Brush placed in the alleys or set out after the truck has passed a residence will not be picked up.

No solid waste, concrete, or other building materials will be collected. The brush pick-up is not a yard waste or a large item pick-up. Grass clippings will not be accepted.

Residents are reminded that the Public Works Department will not collect household items or building materials. Residents are encouraged to contact private haulers to arrange pick up of such items.

Leaf Collection
Leaf collection begins in mid-October every year and continues until the first snowfall.

As part of the City’s Storm Water Management Plan, we ask City residents’ cooperation when raking leaves. Leaves are to be raked to the edge of the street, but not into the street. When leaves are raked into the street they cause many problems. Do not include grass clippings.

Piles of leaves in the street cause traffic hazards in the following ways:

  • Emergency vehicles may be hindered during an emergency run.
  • Leaf piles can cause drivers to veer into oncoming traffic to avoid leaf piles.
  • If cars are parked over a pile of dry leaves, the heat from the catalytic converter could cause a fire.
  • If it snows before leaves are collected, leaves that are in the street freeze to the pavement and make it difficult to keep the streets open to traffic.
Piles of leaves in the street impede collection by city crews in the following ways:

  • If cars are parked on or beside leaf piles, city crews cannot collect these leaves.
  • When it rains, leaf piles in the street cause drainage blockages that can cause streets to flood and storm sewers to become clogged with leaf debris.
  • When the storm sewers become clogged, the public works crews must then clean the storm sewer to reinstate the free flow in the storm sewer.
Leaves that are placed in a long, narrow pile make it easier to collect with the leaf vacuum. Please remember to park cars away from leaf piles.

Mailbox Check
Every Fall, we ask all residents to check their mailboxes to make sure that they can withstand the upcoming Winter snowfalls. When City plows clear the streets, the road slush and snow are very heavy and can knock down mailboxes. Please make certain your mailbox and the post can withstand this force, because the City of Rossford will only replace/repair mailboxes that are actually hit by the snowplow. Also, please be certain your mailbox is upright and not leaning into the street. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain their mailbox to withstand the rigors of a Winter season of snow.