Rossford Marina Aerial ViewThe Rossford Marina is located at 300 Hannum Avenue in Veterans Memorial Park. The Marina will be open for launching and docking watercraft for the 2022 Season beginning Saturday, April 9 and closing Sunday, October 16. If you are using the launching service, you must enter from Hannum Avenue. The Marina offers such amenities as water and 30 amp electric service, security guards, guard office, lighted parking lots with plenty of parking, sanitary pump out, bagged ice availability, rest room facilities, and concessions available when evening hour field games are scheduled.

As a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus emergency, the following procedure remains in place. Patrons of the Marina will be asked to abide by all safety protocols including maintaining the six foot social distancing guidelines between themselves and other boaters. The Marina is monitored; common sense social distancing of patrons congregating in groups should be observed. The City of Rossford wishes to provide a safe boating experience for the patrons of the Marina, and we are counting on the cooperation of all to ensure this can be done safely.

The launching area is open with social distancing observed. The long-awaited kayak/paddleboard launch is completed – it is an exciting new feature inviting another segment of watercraft enthusiasts. Guards will be on hand the beginning of May.

Get your dock reserved! Your $100 dock deposit is due no later than Monday, February 21, 2022, with the remaining dock fee due prior to opening day.

This $100 deposit will hold your dock for the season. Please submit the balance of your dock fee by mail or by putting the payment in the drop box at the City of Rossford Administrative Office, 133 Osborn Street, Rossford, Ohio 43460. Your remaining payment is needed to allow your decal to be available to you. Dock renters who have fully paid their dock fee and submitted a copy of their current registration and proof of paid insurance, can pickup their boat decal or ask for them to be mailed. Marina Guards will verify boats docked in the Marina. When you receive your boat decal, put it on the boat in a spot that makes it visible to the Guards as they patrol the docks.

Interested in renting a dock? You can call the City of Rossford Administrative Offices, 419-666-0210, ext. 214, for dock availability for your size of boat, or mail in an application with proper paperwork requesting a dock. Applications are available below.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the forms below.
2022 Marina Dock Application Form
2022 Marina Season Information
Marina Rules & Regulations
2022 Marina Rates
Rossford Marina Map
Required Equipment for Boats in Ohio



  1. Beginning of Season
    1. Boats may be launched and/or docked as soon as the docks are installed, all fees have been paid, all required permits have been obtained, and the City Administrator has declared the boating season to be open. All season dock renewals must be paid by the deadline established by the City Administrator or a late fee of $25.00 will be charged.
    2. Dock launching decals shall be placed so the decal is visible from the dock, and season launching decals shall be placed on the starboard side of each boat, clearly visible to the marina guard. The owner of any boat not properly displaying its decal shall pay a fee of $50.00.
    3. The City Administrator shall review all new and transfer dock requests, and make final assignments based on the rules and dock sizing guidelines. Appeals may be directed to the Facilities, Parks and Marina Committee of City Council.
    4. Owners must provide documentation indicating the titled or documented length of their vessel, plus additional information such as engine type and mount or other features such as swim platforms and bow pulpits to determine the “length overall” (LOA).
      1. Vessels may not be assigned to docks when the vessel length overall (including engines, swim platforms, bow pulpits or other features) exceeds 2′ of the dock length.
      2. Vessels with current dock assignments, or vessels which are modified to change the vessel “length overall” will be reassigned docks if their “length overall” exceeds 2′ of the dock length.
    5. No person shall be assigned a dock space except for the purpose of regularly and actively using the space for the docking of his/her boat during the boating season.
    6. Boat docks shall not be transferred to any other person, firm or corporation without the approval of the Marina Committee and the City Administrator. The use of dock space shall be considered under a license from the City of Rossford, and no person shall acquire any short- or long-term real property interest of any kind in the space.
    7. A person assigned a dock space shall at all times provide to the municipal office his/her current address where notices may be sent and his/her telephone number and an emergency telephone number where he/she may be reached or messages received at all times. Any boat that does not have a guest pass from the Rossford Marina will be removed from the marina at the owner’s risk and expense.
    8. Dock cancellations shall be allowed provided the dock space can be utilized by another person. A full refund will be issued if the dock cancellation is before April 1st and shall be prorated from the beginning of the season until June 1st. No refunds on cancellations after June 18th. A twenty-five-dollar ($25.00) handling charge will be due on all cancellations. In the event a dock launching decal or parking decal is lost, the fee for a replacement will be five dollars ($5.00).
      Dock space changes (requests) must be made at the beginning of the season. Any change in mid-season may be subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) administrative fee. Any disputed fees may be presented to the Marina Committee.
  1. Parking and Storage
    1. Parking rules shall be observed at all times.
    2. Parking is permitted within designated spaces.
    3. Boat owners assigned space on the east and north walls shall be permitted to park one automobile per dock space. A parking decal shall be placed in the rear window. Those assigned to the east and north walls who park in other than their designated space shall pay a fee of $25.00 for each violation and may lose the use of their reserved parking space.
    4. Parking for all others is available on the eastside of the marina accessible from Hannum Avenue park entrance or from the Jennings Road park entrance. Additional parking is available in the lot at the top of the hill at Hannum Avenue and Riverview Place.
    5. Boat trailer parking is permitted in designated areas for 72 hours. Parking beyond the 72 hours is subject to the prior approval of the Chief of Police or designee and issuance of a special parking Violators will be subject to a fine of $25.00 for each day or any portion of a day beyond the permitted time.
  1. Wall Docks
    1. Boats requiring electrical hook-up shall be equipped with a minimum #10 wire, 30-amp marine electrical cord with 30-amp twist lock receptable on both ends. (One male and one female). Cord should be of an adequate length to allow for variance of water levels.
    2. Boats shall not be tied to water pipes, electric conduits or electrical outlet boxes.
    3. Boat owners assigned dock space on the east and north walls shall be permitted to park one automobile per dock space. See parking and storage regulations, number 3.
    4. Boats shall be equipped with lines not less than one-half inch nylon or equivalent.
    5. Personal watercraft (such as jet skis and dinghies) in addition to the primary boat may be docked at wall docks if in the determination of the Chief of Police that space permits. Fees for docking personal watercraft and dinghies at the wall docks shall be established pursuant to Section 925.03 of the Rossford Municipal Code. A permit shall be issued upon payment of the fee after proper proof of registration and insurance has been furnished to the City Administrator. All personal watercraft and dinghies must display proper state registration numbers.
    6. Boats powered with outboard motors must keep the motors in the lowered position to allow clear and safe access within the channels to other vessels.
  2. Floating Docks
    1. Boats on piers with finger docks shall use pulley-type attachments on mooring poles and for those spaces with the overhead cable (see Exhibit “A”). a minimum of three (3) three-eighths inch nylon or equivalent lines with two lines per finger dock and one line to main pier.
    2. Boats on piers without finger docks shall use a minimum of four (4) three-eighths inch nylon or equivalent lines with two lines to the main pier, and two lines to the outer posts.
    3. Boats shall be equipped with lines not less than three-eighths inch nylon or equivalent.
    4. Electrical power to floating docks shall be used for short term maintenance purposes only. Those assigned floating docks are prohibited from using extension cords for long term use.
    5. Boats powered with outboard motors must keep the motors in the lowered position to allow clear and safe access within the channel to other vessels.
  3. Launching
    1. No boat shall be launched between the hours of 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) and 5:00 a.m. unless prior permission has been obtained from the Chief of Police or designee.
    2. Launching decals shall not be transferable from one boat to another without prior approval of the City Administrator. Permission will only be given if the original boat was sold and a new boat purchased. Proof of registration and insurance will be necessary.
  4. General
    1. Fires of any nature on boats, docks, parking spaces, or in the Marina shall be prohibited, except in areas designated for that purpose except that gas and charcoal grills shall be allowed with the following restrictions: gas grills shall be allowed near the wall docks and must be placed/used on the outside (parking lot side) of the raised concrete walkway and charcoal grills may only be used along the base of the hill (east wall side) and within designated areas to be determined by the Administration. No other open flames are allowed in any of the other marina areas.
    2. Speed limits in the Marina shall not exceed five miles per hour.
    3. Littering in the Marina and parking area is prohibited. All refuse shall be placed in containers furnished for such purposes.
    4. Disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, profanity and excessive party noise is prohibited.
    5. Sounding devices such as horns, whistles and bells shall not be used except upon entering or leaving the Marina entrance.
    6. Sounding devices such as “white noise” or animal repellent devices are prohibited.
    7. Altering any City of Rossford equipment or property including, but not limited to the docks, without prior approval of the City Administrator or his/her designee is prohibited.
    8. No swimming shall be permitted in the Marina area.
    9. No fireworks shall be permitted in the Marina area.
    10. All pets shall be leashed and under control at all times.
    11. No toilet waste from a tank or receptacle of a boat or other conveyance shall be discharged at the Marina or in the portable toilets provided by the City. Toilet facilities will be available at the park area. Any person firm or corporation who violates this subsection shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each incident.
    12. All but minor repairs shall be prohibited in dock spaces.
    13. When a boat is out of the Marina for an extended period of time, the owner shall notify the guard or the municipal offices.
    14. No person other than the owner or accompanied guests shall be permitted to sleep on the boat overnight without first registering with the guard. If guests under eighteen years of age shall be on the boat overnight, the names and ages are to be reported to the guard and/or the municipal offices.
    15. Owners and operators shall lower their main sail before entering or leaving the Marina area.
    16. No unlicensed boats, including remote controlled floating devices, shall be permitted in the Marina area.
    17. In the event of a malfunction of any utility, the marina guard shall be notified immediately. The City shall make repairs.
    18. No refueling of boats shall be permitted within the Marina.
    19. Fishing is permitted in designated areas only. No fishing shall be permitted off any dock within the Marina. Cleaning of fish is prohibited.
    20. A security deposit is required in order to secure a dock space and is subject to rules and regulations to be promulgated by the Administration. A fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) will be charged for a check returned for insufficient funds.
    21. Pursuant to Section 507.10 of the Rossford Municipal Code, no person shall operate or be in physical control of a boat or other vehicle that travels on water or that is secured to any dock that emits sound exceeding eighty-two dba when measured at a distance of not less than fifty feet. No person in charge or control of any boat or other vehicle that travels on water or that is secured to any dock shall make any excessive noise to annoy the public or unnecessarily race the vehicle while running idle.
    22. No tires shall be permitted as fenders in the Marina. Proper marine fenders shall be used to secure boats in place.
    23. Tampering, altering or removal of back flow preventers (BFP) installed on the Marina water system is prohibited. Any marina dock lessee found in violation of this section is subject to replacement cost of damage and expulsion from the Marina.
    24. All boats must be secured with at least three (3) lines at all times while docked.
  1. End of Season
    1. All items attached or placed on docks, as well as any materials used as fenders shall be removed from the area.
    2. The owners of all boats using dock space in the Rossford Marina shall be responsible for the removal of their boats from the marina no later than three (3) days following the Marina closure date, which closing date shall be established by the City Administrator each year. The City Administrator may extend the date if he/she determines that water conditions prevented the timely removal of any boat. Any boat not removed by the owner within the designated time shall be removed and stored by the City.
    3. Any owner who fails to remove his boat within such period shall be subject to forfeiture of their docking space for the next boating season, shall be liable for all costs and expenses incident to the removal, storage and maintenance of such boat, and shall be subject to a late fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).
    4. The owner agrees that all such charges and fines shall entitle the City to a lien on such boat in that amount. No boat shall be released to such owner until such charges and fines are paid in full.
    5. In the event that such boat is not claimed by the owner and all such charges and fines paid in full within sixty days of the date that such boat is required to be removed, then, following ten days certified mail notice to the owner, the City shall be authorized to sell such boat at public sale and from the proceeds of the sale shall be deducted all such charges and fines and all expenses of sale and the balance thereof remitted to the owners.
  2. Penalties
    1. Any person, firm or corporation who violates any of the Marina rules and regulations set forth herein shall be subject to the following:
      1. Whoever is convicted of a violation of any of the Marina rules and regulations is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
      2. Forfeiture of docking space for the remainder of the season.
      3. Denial of application for future docking space.
    2. In the event of a violation of these Marina rules and regulations, the owner, upon written notice, shall promptly remove his/her boat from the Marina, and, upon failure to do so, shall be subject to the procedure for removal as set forth in subsections (7)(c), (d) and (e).

Ordinance 2020 – 07, adopted February 24, 2020

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