Grass Cutting – Request for Proposals

The City of Rossford is advertising for bids for the seasonal service of cutting tall grass, cutting and disposal of noxious weeds, and removal and disposal of debris from nuisance properties within the City.  To fulfill the requirements of Chapter 555 of the City of Rossford Municipal Code, proposals will be received by the City Administrator and directed by the Zoning Inspector.  A list of locations and services needed will be provided by the Zoning Inspector and are to be cut within 48 hours of order.  A before and after digital photo of evidence of the site condition will be required and will need to be submitted with invoice.  Bids must contain the full name of every person and/or company interested in doing the work, proof of insurance, and proposal of costs to perform the above described services (cost per hour, additional labor cost per hour, list of hourly cost based on equipment and/or skill level).  The City of Rossford reserves the right to make separate or combination awards and to accept or reject any and all bids, and to waive providing any information in the proposals received.  The deadline for proposals for the May 20 thru November 1, 2019 season is:  Monday, May 13, 2019, 11 am at the Municipal Building.  Contact Mark Zuchowski, Zoning Inspector – 419-666-0210, ext. 211 or or mail proposal to City of Rossford, 133 Osborn Street, Rossford, Ohio 43460.

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