Street Tree Commission

The Street Tree Commission consists of 7 members who are residents of the City of Rossford. Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council, for 3 year terms. If you are interested in serving on this commission please contact the Mayor by phone at 419-666-0210 x212 or by mail at 133 Osborn St., Rossford, OH 43460.

The Commission meets 5 to 6 times a year; plans and organizes an annual Arbor Day celebration, an annual tree planting, and participates in the National Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA program. The City has been recognized as a “Tree City” for over 10 years. To request a tree be planted in the City (public) tree lawn in front of your residence please complete a Street Tree Work Permit, which can be accessed via the link in the next paragraph or at the Forms Online page of this website.

The Commission is also responsible for approving any requests to trim, remove, or plant trees, shrubs or flowers in the public right-of-way along streets or in other public areas within the City. Any tree work (trimming, removal, or planting) in the street tree lawn or in a public place requires a permit. Permit applications are available at the City offices at 133 Osborn St. or from this website on the Forms Online page under “Street Tree Work Permit.” This permit must be approved in writing before any work on or removal of trees begins.

The Street Tree Commission also makes tree related information available to the community. This information can be accessed via the links below:

Suggested Street Trees and Trees for Ohio

Caring for a Newly Planted Tree

Undesirable Trees

Pest Alert – Gypsy Moth

Pest Alert – Asian Longhorned Beetle

Street Tree Work Order Form

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