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Roundabout Area – TRASH out by 6AM Wednesdays

Please see the map on the City of Rossford – Government Facebook page for areas where Waste Management needs to have the trash and recycling carts in order to access them during the next 60 days of construction of the roundabout.

The map indicates four areas outside the construction barricades where the carts will need to be placed for trash service. Waste Management will pickup carts in those areas early on Wednesday mornings around 6am to avoid contractor equipment and to avoid as much traffic as possible; significant backing up of trucks will be necessary.



CLOSURE – Lime City Road & SR65 Roundabout DETOUR

SR65 will be closed starting Monday, July 20, 2020, at Lime City and Colony roads for the Roundabout construction.  Plan on closure to last at least 60 days.

City of Rossford Residents, Business Owners, and Visitors:

Attached is a map for the planned detour due to the SR65 road closure for the installation of the Roundabout.  The detour route included in the project plans utilizes Schreier Road.  I understand this is going to be an inconvenience for 60+ days beginning next Monday, July 20, 2020 and running through end of September, beginning of October, 2020.  Please plan ahead now, anticipate additional traffic on Glenwood Road.  The passthrough from Rossburn Place to West Elm Tree Road will be closed as well so that will not be an option.  To best get the information out, City Hall will post this on the Facebook page, Website, City Concourse digital sign, and Rossford Record Journal.  Signs are posted in all directions leading up to the future Roundabout intersection that notify the traffic of the impending road closure for 60+ days.  The good news is that after 12+ years this project will finally be completed and the City will have a new, easier avenue for traffic flow at a formerly problematic location.  Once again, thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Allyson Murray

City Administrator, City of Rossford
133 Osborn Street
Rossford, Ohio 43460

Eagle Point Colony Roadway Update

Eagle Point Colony Subdivision Residents:

Your continued patience is appreciated as the City has finishing touches added to the roadway areas.
Residents may call City Hall at 419-666-0210; we will share any information we are aware ofThank you for your continued patience.



Eagle Point Road At Colony Road Construction


ATTENTION Residents along Eagle Point Road through to Harbor Point Road:

Construction on Eagle Point Road from Colony Road through to Harbor Point Road continues.  Tree removal and sidewalk work continues.  Waste Management is doing their best to pick up carts as early as possible on Wednesday, prior to the day’s start of construction.  Please have your carts out the night before pickup.  Parking your vehicles along side streets may be requested during this lengthy construction project.  Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.


Look for the Public Meeting Calendar

If interested in attending any Public City Council Committee Meeting, the calendar is located outdoors at the City Hall rear entrance.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 Emergency, meetings are being held through Zoom or Conference Call links.  Refer to the Event Calendar details on the Home Page of the City Website.


Police Department Trash Cart Reminder

A friendly reminder from the Rossford Police Department: All approved refuse containers may be placed at the designated collection point no sooner than 5:00 p.m. the day prior to collection.

All approved containers are to be removed from streets and alleyways by 9:00 a.m. on the next day after collection and shall be kept or placed at the rear of the house or building or in passageways behind the front building line.


2018 Holidays – Trash/Recycling Delay

There are five trash/recycling delays in 2018. For those weeks, pickup days will be:

New Year’s week – January 4, 2018

Memorial Day week – May 31, 2018

Independence Day week – July 5, 2018

Labor Day week – September 6, 2018

Christmas week – December 27, 2018


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