Miami Street I-75 Interchange

The NB I-75 ramp to Miami Street and the Miami Street to NB I-75 ramps are closing on August 15, 2022 for 75 days. The posted detours are:
• NB I-75 to Miami Street: NB I-75; Exit 201A – Collingwood/Erie; SB I-75; Exit 199 – Miami Street
• Miami Street to NB I-75: SB I-75; Exit 198 – Wales Rd; NB I-75
During this closure both ramps will be removed and replaced. Also, the existing I-75 bridge over Miami Street will be demolished and the new NB I-75 bridge over Miami Street will be finished. When the ramps open back up there will be some minor traffic pattern changes that will help improve the interchange movements. Please call 419-666-0210 with any questions.  Use extra caution when navigating that expressway area.
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