Miami Street I-75 Interchange

Construction work continues on the NB I-75 ramp to Miami Street and Miami Street to NB I-75 ramps.  Detours are below if needed:
• NB I-75 to Miami Street: NB I-75; Exit 201A – Collingwood/Erie; SB I-75; Exit 199 – Miami Street
• Miami Street to NB I-75: SB I-75; Exit 198 – Wales Rd; NB I-75
Existing I-75 bridge over Miami Street will be demolished and the new NB I-75 bridge over Miami Street will be finished.  Reconstruction of the ramps and some minor traffic pattern changes continue as the improvements progress.  Questions, call 419-666-0210.  Please slow down, read signs, and use extra caution when navigating the expressway area.
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