Where is Rossford and the “Crossroads of America”?
map1With access to two major interstates, I-75 and U.S. 80/90, the “Crossroads of America” offers unsurpassed market access that reaches 38% of consumers within 500 miles. Two new interchanges along I-80/90 are in place providing uninterrupted highway access and attractive development opportunities for industries around the region. Toledo Express Airport, located only 20 minutes from downtown, provides the region with one of the world’s lowest cost air shipping services. Housed at the airport is Burlington Air Express, which offers complete freight, shipping, and handling services. In addition, six airlines offer daily non-stop passenger flights across the country. Toledo’s airport access is further supplemented by Detroit Metro International Airport, which is only a one hour drive from Toledo.
  • Located in the Industrial Midwest of the U.S.
  • At the intersection of two major Interstate Highways I-75 and I-80/90.
  • On Lake Erie, the largest source of fresh water in nation.
  • About an hour’s drive from Detroit, Michigan and Detroit International Airport.
  • Highways serving the regions are structured so goods are shipped with ease, meeting “Just in Time” delivery.
  • Burlington Air Express located at Toledo Express Airport is one of the nation’s top heavy cargo outfits.
  • Over 13 million tons of cargo go through the Port of Toledo annually. The most amount of international tonnage among Ohio ports is handled through the Port.
Street Map
Click here for a PDF map of the streets in Rossford.