Development and Relocation Assistance

Rossford is home to a business community becoming more and more diverse! Hydraulics, technology, automotive related, retail, transportation and basic manufacturing firms all have found Rossford to be a comfortable community in which to prosper. A still youthful Rossford offers hundreds of acres for new development, yet has a supply of traditional manufacturing, warehousing and office sites available as well. Rossford is a community that welcomes, supports and aids new business development. City officials look for opportunities to cut red tape for new business.
Rossford’s “Crossroads of America” is conveniently nestled between Interstates 75 and U.S. 80/90, allowing marketing and industrial suppliers unsurpassed access.
Geographically located on the western edge of Lake Erie, Northwest Ohio has built a strong manufacturing base in a variety of industries including glass, plastic, automotive assembly and parts production. “Crossroads of America” is also located within 500 miles of 47 percent of the U.S. industrial market and 47 percent of the Canadian industrial markets.
The City of Rossford has formed 2 entertainment districts in the “Crossroads of America.” To learn more about the location of these districts and what is envisioned follow these links (District #1District #2).
The areas’ surrounding “Crossroads of America” have a population that exceeds 600,000 and encompasses Lucas, Fulton and Wood counties. The area represents a significant labor pool with the main concentration of the population between the ages of 18 and 50.
Please view our 27 slide presentation about Rossford that includes information on location, demographics, quality of life and available sites.