Storm Water Utility

Why does Rossford need a storm water utility?

In 1999, the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued storm water regulations requiring local communities to control storm water runoff. Under these regulations, Rossford must implement city-wide storm water programs that reduce storm water pollutant discharge to the “maximum extent practicable”.

What is a Storm Water Utility?

A Storm Water Utility is just like any other utility; electric, gas, water and sanitary sewer. The utility is an agency within the City responsible for expanding, improving and maintaining the storm water system. The utility charges fees for the use of the system by those who contribute runoff.

What contributes to runoff?

As rain falls on agricultural and undeveloped area, it is either absorbed into the ground or slowly runs off and dissipates. Rooftops and paved areas prevent water from being absorbed and create a faster rate of runoff. This causes localized flooding and erosion problems.

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