Zoning Department

The general purpose of zoning is to guide and regulate the planning, subdividing, and development of land in order to promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare. It is intended that the provisions of Rossford’s zoning regulations is to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Orderly development of land to obtain harmonious and stable neighborhoods.
  2. Safe and convenient vehicular and pedestrian circulation.
  3. Designs to allow ample public open spaces for schools, recreational, and other public purposes.
  4. Accurate surveying of land, preparation, and recording of plats.
  5. The assurance that subdivision improvements are properly installed and completed in compliance with the regulations contained herein.
  6. Coordination of land development in accordance with zoning codes and the Official Plan.

For information or questions on Rossford’s Zoning Code, contact:

City of Rossford, Zoning Department
133 Osborn Street
Rossford, OH 43460

Telephone: 419-666-0210
Office Hours: By appointment

Zoning Code

To view the current zoning code, see:

City of Rossford Zoning Map

Zoning Application

Zoning Request for Appeal of Decision or Order

Zoning “Special Use Zoning” Permit Application

Planning Commission Variance Application

Contractor Registration Form

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