Welcome to Rossford Ohio

Rossford is a city located in Northwest Ohio, along the Maumee River and is an ideal destination for discovery as you explore its quaint downtown, beautiful marina, its Crossroads Shopping mecca (intersections of Interstate 75 and the Ohio Turnpike) and its historic surroundings. Take in an afternoon at the marina, spend the day at one of the many events at the local Bass Pro Shops, take a tour back in time at the Edward Ford Memorial, visit our neighbor The Hollywood Casino, or enjoy a day of retail therapy. Pick your favorite recreational activity time inside or outdoors. Dock at our Marina and picnic in our park. Bowl at either of our two bowling alleys, play soccer, or host a party at the local indoor soccer facility. Bowling, soccer, volleyball, boating and fishing are just a few recreational activities that you can enjoy in Rossford, Ohio!

Draft Traffic Study Report for Lime City & Buck Road Intersection Released

25 Apr

The Wood County Engineer’s Office, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation District 2, the City of Rossford, Perrysburg Township, and the Penta Career Center, hired DLZ to renew their study of possible design improvements for the Lime City Road and Buck Road intersection and the Buck Road and Penta Career Center driveway intersection in the City of Rossford and Perrysburg Township, Ohio. The purpose of the current study is to examine options that will improve the safety of the intersections and approaches and allow the intersections to accommodate demands placed on the area by existing traffic and potential future development based on updated certified traffic received in August 2013. (View Report)

Open Burning Information, Rules & Regulations

22 Apr

Before You Light It… Know Ohio’s Open Burning Regulations. Several sources of information are available to help our residents understand the rules and regulations regarding open burning within the city limits. Click here view a PDF on Ohio’s Open Burning Regulations. Click here to view a PDF of the relevant sections of the Ohio Revised Code on open burning. More information is available on the Ohio EPA’s web site at: http://epa.ohio.gov/dapc/general/openburning.aspx.